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Webinar: supporting employees with temporary disabilities

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Free AHEAD webinar: Temporary Disabilities and How to Support Employees. 

When: Wednesday 3rd February from 11.30pm – 1.00pm

When we think of disability, we often think of a permanent condition or illness that a person has for life, however, that’s not the case under employment equality legalisation here in Ireland. A person can become disabled temporarily for a fixed period of time, either because of an accident, an injury or a medical diagnosis. The difference with temporary disabilities is that eventually you will recover from it with the support of medical intervention.

Very often, employees may sign off on sick leave and receive state benefits for the duration however, this webinar is to inform and educate employers about what they can do under the Employment Equality Act to support employees to carry out their duties with reasonable accommodation.

Find out more and register here: https://ahead.ie/waminar0221