Assistive Technology

Information on assistive technology and where to get training, advice and support.


National Council for Special Education website

Section on Special Educational Needs, ICT and assistive technology.


Enable Ireland National Assistive Technology Training Service

Training courses and workshops to help you get the most out of what technology can offer.



A partnership between Disability Federation of Ireland and Enable Ireland to ensure people with disabilities don’t get left behind by advancements in technological innovation – they hold regular CHAT (Community Hub for Assistive Technology) events on different aspects of assistive technology.


Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities and Older People

Discussion Paper by Enable Ireland and Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) (2016).


Abilitynet UK website

Factsheets and webinars on assistive technology, including step by step guides on setting up your computer and software to meet your individual requirements.

My Computer My Way – info to help make your device easier to use.


Apple Accessibility

All about Apple accessibility features and accessories.


Microsoft Accessibility

All about Microsoft accessibility features, products, resources and support.


NDA Centre for Excellence in Universal Design

Guidance and toolkits for organisations and developers on developing accessible ICT.

Assistive Technology News