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Organised by the Independent Living Movement of Ireland (ILMI) and funded by Rethink Ireland, the Strategies for Change programme is delivered online with emerging disabled activists developing collective learning, sharing and collaborating to help build a new Ireland where disabled people can fully participate in an inclusive society as equals.

The Strategies for Change website brings together resources to build an online legacy that can be used by disabled activists from across the country to work collectively to build an inclusive Ireland. There are 26 sections on a range of topics to build collective approaches to building equality. 

Some of the sections are delivered by experienced disabled activists on topics such as disability equality, intersectionality and the social model of disability.

Other sections feature experts from the Irish Human Rights Equality Commission (IHREC), the Free Legal Advice Centre (FLAC), Values Lab and the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) covering topics such as the role of Public Participation Networks, the Public Sector Duty, Equality Legislation and the role of values in bringing about change.

Each of the topics also feature additional resources relating to the topic so that Strategies for Change has a legacy resource that can be accessed by any disabled activist passionate about learning more and looking to build their analysis.

You can access the website here: