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New Disability committee seeks nominations

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Wicklow County Council is seeking nominations from people with disabilities who would like to be involved in their new Disability Inclusion Steering Committee starting in October 2020.

The committee is a result of Wicklow County Council’s ongoing commitment to disability issues and  continued partnership with the Disability Federation of Ireland.

The purpose of the committee is to:

  • achieve a multi-departmental approach to making the services provided by Wicklow County Council accessible to all citizens in the county.
  • ensure the implementation of existing relevant policies at local authority level, namely the:
    1. Disability Act 2005,
    2. National Disability Inclusion Strategy, NDIS,
    3. United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, UNCRPD,
    4. Public Sector Duty.
  • ensure that the above policies are incorporated into the development and implementation of the Wicklow Local Development Plan, the Local Economic Community Plan (LECP), the Corporate Plan and all other internal documents and strategies. 

Michael Nicholson, Director of Services, Community Cultural & Social Development will chair the committee. It will also include:

  • Additional senior council staff,
  • Five councillors,
  • The DFI Disability Officer and Wicklow County Council Access Officer,
  • Representatives from local disability access groups
  • Other key community representatives from the Public Participation Network, Children and Young Peoples Services Committee, Local Sports Partnership and Development Companies.

They are also asking Disability Organisations who operate in Wicklow to get in touch if they are interested in acting as a representative for service providers.

Read more information on the council’s website.