8 people standing in a row in a garden in front of a large white house, holding a sign that says Neuro-Mapping Project.

Launch of Neuro-Mapping Project

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Minister Anne Rabbitte has launched a report on the Neuro-Mapping Project, which is a joint partnership between the HSE, the Disability Federation of Ireland and the Neurological Alliance of Ireland.

The Neuro-Mapping Report, which was funded by the Strengthening Disability Fund, describes the breadth of community services across the country that people with neurological conditions can access from voluntary organisations, and identifies a number of joint service initiatives between voluntary organisations and the HSE.

The report highlights that the vast majority of the 800,000 people living with neurological conditions across Ireland live in the community.

It also shows that there are over 60 community-based voluntary organisations supporting those people, providing a wide variety of services in response to their needs.

Find out more at this link: https://annerabbitte.ie/minister-anne-rabbitte-launches-joint-neuromapping-report/?fbclid=IwAR0ifWWluD5kc8Ud0Yw3hGBTiiodWzMxt2IUZYKf6RbFfYFq6gmiP9x45no