Photo of two actors, a man and a woman, in Left Behind.

Left Behind inclusive theatre production

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Inclusive theatre company, Shadowbox, are presenting Left Behind in the Mermaid Theatre in Bray on 20-21st October 2023. 

What if you could look through a window to the past, present and future? What if a curtain was pulled back and there was no wizard, just a pile of yellow bricks…? What if you could reach into the sky and pluck down something that has been left behind. And change it. Reinvent it. And own it in a completely new way?

Shadowbox, Ireland’s inclusive international touring theatre company, present their first production in 5 years. In a changed world, what does it mean to return to an altered landscape and create through a new lens?

This is an experiment that will take you on a journey. With us. And with yourself.

Experience Shadowbox’s distinct and renowned performance style, explored through imagery, movement and visual theatre, living a life of being Left Behind.

Find out more at this link: Left Behind