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Find information about the legal aspects of education, employment, sexuality and relationships. Find out about the ward of court and power of attorney systems, equality legislation, and why it is important to make a will. What is the Disability Act all about? You will also find contacts for making complaints about discrimination, and for free legal advice.

Education legislation

Education Act 1998

Education (Welfare) Act 2000

Education for persons with special educational needs  (EPSEN) Act 2004

Disability Act

The Disability Act 2005 is part of National Disability Strategy (NDS). The aim of the NDS is to support social inclusion of people with disabilities.

Human rights
European Convention of Human Rights Act (2003)
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a legal arrangement that can be set up by a person (the Donor) during their life when they are in good mental health. It allows another specially appointed person (the Attorney) to take actions on the Donor's behalf if they are absent, abroad or ill.

Ward of Court or Guardianship

If someone close to you is not be able to manage their affairs (money, being out and about, housing) anyone can apply on their behalf to the courts for them to become a Ward of Court.

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