Local Employment Service Information Givers

The Local Employment Service is a service of the Bray Area Partnership. The aim of the service is to provide confidential information, advice and support to unemployed people in the community who wish to return to work.

The service is available to you if you are:

  • Long-term unemployed
  • A dependent partner of an unemployed person
  • A lone parent
  • An early school leaver
  • In receipt of a Disability Payment
  • Working in the home and interested in seeking paid employment

The LES provides a one-stop-shop where unemployed people can learn about all options available to them and which options suit them and their family. Information Officers provide information on:

  • Welfare to work schemes and initiatives
  • Social welfare entitlements on returning to work
  • Secondary benefits and medical card entitlements
  • Taxation
  • Education/training opportunities
  • Job vacancies

You can either drop in or phone to make an appointment - the service is located at:

86 Main Street, Bray

Tel: 01-276 5592


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