Making a will
 A will is a witnessed document that sets out in writing a person's wishes for their possessions, called 'estate', after death.

Reasons for making a will

It is important to make a will because:

  • If you die without leaving a will, the law decides what happens to your possessions
  • A will can ensure that proper arrangements are made for your loved one
  • A will can ensure that your possessions are distributed in the way you want to after you die, alhough spouses and children have certain rights to your estate.

It is worth remembering that you can make changes to a will.  


Special arrangements for child with an intellectual disability

If you want to make a will for a child with an intellectual disability, there are several issues to consider.

  • Ensuring your child doesn’t lose the means test for state benefits
  • Ensuring that your child isn't made a Ward of Court and have their decision making ability removed by the High Court (find out more on the Ward of Court arrangement in an article in the Legal Advice section)

More information about making a will when the beneficiary is a person with a disability here .


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